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INFOLOG TMS – Your Competitive Edge in Transportation

Regardless of if you own your own fleet or outsource your transportation needs, our INFOLOG Transportation Management System will help you reduce costs by eliminating the use of multiple systems, improving operational visibility and reducing detention penalties.

Offered as a module of the INFOLOG Logistics suite our TMS can be used in conjunction with our other applications or as a stand-alone application. Our easy to use software and simplified processes mean improved productivity for all areas of transportation management, including Dispatch, Finance, HR & Asset Management.


Key features include:

  • Order management
  • Route planning and optimization
  • Load planning and optimization
  • Delivery location management
  • Dispatch
  • Activity based billing
  • Dock management
  • GPS integration and delivery status tracking
  • Asset configuration and tracking
  • Electronic signature capture for POD
  • Electronic document management
  • Driver management
  • Exception notifications (alerts)
  • Insurance tracking
  • Driver settlement (Pay)
  • Business Intelligence Dashboard

When deployed in conjunction with our WMS module, our customers rely on complete end-to-end process visibility, from order entry to proof of delivery. All the information resides in our INFOLOG Logistics suite, meaning all information is retrieved in one platform and is the “single source of truth”.

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TMS can simplify your Transportation operations.