Infolog Pick To Light

INFOLOG Pick To Light Module uses a state-of-the-art and light-directed technology combine with INFOLOG WMS Picking Strategy to maximize the picking productivity, speed and accuracy in different picking operation. Infolog uses Atop brand the leading Pick-to-light provider which has more than 20 years experience in this area.

Pick-to-Light System is an advanced paperless picking system providing an innovative, streamlined and cost-effective solution to simplify the order fulfillment process in warehouses or distribution centers.

Infolog Pick To Light Module Features:

  • Zonage Picking by Order
  • Can be linked with RFID Scanner for Picker ID
  • Auto Assigned Pick Job to Picker
  • Versatility in different operating modes configuration
  • Wide operating temperature range (from -25oC to 40oC)
  • Equipment Certification : EMI, CE, FCC


  • Paperless picking process
  • Streamline the order fulfillment process
  • Increase picking productivity dramatically
  • Accuracy assured: virtually eliminate picking error, below 0.1%
  • Easy to use: picker can usually be trained in less than 1/2 hour
  • Strengthen management control: on-line picking data control, easy to prompt the material shortage